Whisper EX Fan Kit with Thermo-Controller for Standout Media Consoles

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Standout Designs "Worry-Free" Price Guarantee

Nobody likes to make a purchase (especially a large purchase) only to discover a short while later that the same purchase is now offered for a lower price. No worries! We are pleased to offer you this guarantee:

Worry-Free Price Guarantee

For 30 days after you place your order with us (or we ship your backorder), if you see us advertise on our web store the same bundle of goods for less, let us know while that better offer is in effect and we will refund the difference.


Q: What do you mean by "same bundle of goods for less?"

A: The total price of the items after any applicable discounts and before any sales tax or shipping.

Let's say, for example, that you buy a console for $100 off and an accessory at regular price. Ten days later, you see us offering that accessory for $50 off and the console still for $100 off. In that case, you would qualify for a $50 refund. But, if the console were back to regular price, you would not qualify for a $50 refund because the total price of the goods ten days later would not be not less than you paid.

Q: Does this guarantee apply to purchases make between Thanksgiving and the following Monday (aka Black Friday / Cyber Monday)?

A: Yes! So you can order at the end of October knowing you won't miss out on a better "Black Friday" offer. Plus, you will have your furniture before Christmas and maybe even before Thanksgiving.

Q: How do I notify you?

A: You can notify us via email, online chat, or telephone call.

Q: How long will it take to get my refund?

A: Refunds will be issued within 10 business days of us verifying your eligibility, usually sooner.

Q: Are there any exclusions?

A: Yes. This guarantee applies to new and current items, not items sold as "clearance" or "refurbished" or "samples."

Q: Must I purchase direct from Standout Designs for this guarantee to apply?

A: Yes. This guarantee applies to purchases made from Standout Designs directly.

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There's Cool and there's Cooler!

Boost ventilation in your Standout media console from passive to active with Whisper EX fan panels — a quick and easy add-on for EX media consoles .

media console with cooling fans enlarge

Add Fans Just Where You Need Them

Have a fire-breathing AVR but everything else runs pretty cool? Then the single-enclosure edition is for you. Need to keep both sides cool? Choose the 2-enclosure edition and save an outlet plug.

media console with cooling fans enlarge

Feature Summary

  •  Made in USA – Easy to install
  • Actively exhaust hot air from enclosures as needed
  • 2 ultra-quiet, long-lasting 120MM fans per panel
  • Heat-activated 
  • Fan panel replaces back panel vent
  • FREE SHIPPING when ordered with a media console

NOTE: Whisper EX fans work in conjunction with the bottom and shelf vents. Fans can only work well when these vents are not obstructed, there is adequate space between components, and the media console is kept at least 2 inches from the wall.

Available Variations

  • One enclosure
  • Two enclosures 


  • Haven EX Media Consoles
  • Horizon EX Media Consoles
  • Majestic EX Media Consoles
  • Norwalk Media Consoles
  • Select prior Haven and Majestic Media Consoles


  • Fans: 120 MM (2 fans per panel), long-lasting fluid dynamic ball bearings, 11 dBA each fan, ~ 30 CFM each fan, 120,000 MTBF
  • Trigger Temperature: ~87° F (+/- 5°)
  • Power: 0.5A 

In the Box

  • 1 or 2 Whisper EX Fan Panels
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Power Splitter (2-enclosure kit only)
  • 1 x Owner's Guide

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