Door Grill Set for Horizon EX Media Consoles

Product Overview

– Install easily in place of door glass
– High-quality acoustic fabric
– IR remote-friendly
– See Photo Gallery tab below
– These do NOT assist in cooling enclosures
– Made in the USA media consoles made in usa

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Black Fabric
Ready NOW!

About Media Console Availability

Most of the time, a media console falls into one of these categories:

1. Often Stocked. You can often find this particular console (this particular style and wood/finish) ready to ship because it is pretty popular and we regularly make it. Because it is popular, it might also be out of stock at times, but with shorter wait times because we build it pretty frequently.

2. Not Often Stocked. You might find this console in stock. Why it might be made to stock now and then is more art than science and we will leave it there. In the case of Cherry consoles, you might see shorter wait times for a period of time because until we lock in the stain toward the end of the process, it can be made into any of our offerings.

3. Made Just for You. This designation applies to Walnut and a few models where the alternate configuration (e.g. all drawers) is not in huge demand but we are prepared to build it when required.

So here is the bottom line: if what you want falls into the second category, grab it if we have it or allow time for us to build it. if what you want is in the third category, allows leave time for us to make it. We often do better than our estimates and only rarely go longer. No matter what, it is worth the wait to get the fine furniture you seek for many years of enjoyment.

  • Specifications


    Horizon EX 84" Console (4 Enclosures) — SD84HOR24R4E

    Horizon EX 82" Console (Shelf+Drawers) – SD82HOR24R2D

    Horizon EX 72" Console (Shelf+Drawer) – SD72HOR24R1D

    Horizon EX 64" Console (Shelf+Drawer) – SD64HOR24R1D

    Horizon EX 81" Console (2 Drawers) – SD81HOR24R4D

    Horizon EX 72" Console (2 Drawers) – SD72HOR24R2D

    Horizon EX 64" Console (2 Drawers) – SD64HOR24R2D

    Also compatible with these older models (2014 and earlier):

    Horizon N702 72" Console (Shelf+Drawer) – SD22CN702

    Horizon N702 Plus 72" Console (Shelf+Drawers) – SD22CN702P

    Horizon N702 Plus 72" Console (2 Drawers) – SD22CN702D

    Horizon N702 XL Console (Shelf+Drawer) – SD22CN722X

    Horizon N702 XL Console (2 Drawers) – SD22CN722M


    High-quality black acoustical fabric

    Frame: Formaldehyde-free MDF (avoids warping)

    In the Box

    2 x Horizon fabric door grill

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