Standout Designs: When You Care Enough to Sell the Very Best!

Welcome! We are looking for a few standout resellers.
Do you have clients who desire quality American AV furniture? 
We have some outstanding media consoles to tell you about!
Why your customers will love Standout media consoles:
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Superior quality
  • Superior AV features
Why YOU will love reselling Standout media consoles:
  • Furniture on par with the high-end electronics solutions you provide
  • Easy implementation (no assembly, removable backs, hidden wheels)
  • Healthy margins for you!
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"I have been installing A/V products for over 14 years and to date, Standout Designs makes the absolute best A/V cabinet I have used! It is clear from the attention to detail that went into the design phase that a great deal of thought went into the fact that these units would be holding audio-video products. The heat removal system is the best I have worked with and I greatly appreciate the option of the whisper fan upgrades.They also were very thoughtful in the design of the wire management system on the back!

The cabinets are well built, solid, and beautifully made. I also appreciate the number of choices in wood stains and colors. An added bonus is that the cabinets ship fully assembled reducing installation time. I look forward to working with these products for years to come." Clay Hankins, Founder and President, The Audio Guy, LLC