The Changing Beauty of Genuine Cherry

American Cherry is one of the most beautiful and renowned woods in the world and we are proud to build with it for our customers. We offer it unstained and without tint to let the wood's natural beauty come shining through.

When we develop a new model, we build a group of samples and have them photographed for all to see. However, this really does not do justice to our solid Natural Cherry pieces. Cherry units get even MORE attractive as time goes on and they develop a red patina.

Not everyone is familiar with this natural phenomena brought about by exposure to air and sunlight. On more than one occasion one spouse wanted Cherry while the other said it was too light. Our advice: let us send you a sample, put in on a window sill for two weeks, and call us back. They did and they purchased.

To illustrate how Natural Cherry evolves, we present the photos below. On the left is relatively fresh-cut Natural Cherry (it had changed from golden yellow before we took the this photo). On the right is the same piece after some air and sun. The change is quite apparent. 

Standout Designs Solid American Cherry Freshly Cut   Standout Designs Solid American Cherry After Some Exposure to Light and Air

So as you consider our solid Natural Cherry furniture, keep in mind that while amazing in color and character to start, it only gets better with age.