Standout Testimonials (current)

  • After literally several years of watching, looking and evaluating consoles for my home theater system components with 7.1 surround sound to replace the open rack being used, I discovered Standout Designs and was quickly convinced that their console would meet my extensive and various requirements. Received the Standout Designs Haven EX 72w Black on Ash Media Console a few weeks ago. The concept, design, construction and functionality of this console are exceptional. The array of available options and more than ample space provide enough flexibility that a configuration for any need and desire should be possible. I opted for the single center bottom drawer configuration, cooling fans for both sides (neither of which has yet been needed but are readily available just in case), an extra vented shelf (which also has not yet been needed), center grill black fabric and gray-tinted door glass. Since this console is solid wood, it is heavy, as would be expected, but the hidden wheels enable it to be easily rolled forward and backward for rear access and area cleaning. The snap-on/pull-off, absolutely no tools required, back panels are another great and ingenious feature, as are the adjustable vented wood shelves and numerous wire chases. Additionally, it is a beautiful piece of furniture that suits itself to any environment, formal or informal. The packaging for shipping was outstanding and would have required extreme mishandling for any console damage to occur. Even the delivery personnel commented on how well it was packaged. Customer service was the best that I have ever experienced. My initial contact was from Debra, who was eager to assist in any way possible. Then, I had some questions on a Saturday and e-mailed them not expecting a reply until the following Monday. Shortly after the e-mail was sent, I unexpectedly received a reply from Alan, followed by several more e-mails from me and immediate replies from Alan that same Saturday. I pulled the trigger the following Monday morning, and the console was in stock. It was in my Living Area Wednesday, two days later. Alan also responded via e-mail when he saw I had placed the order and again when he saw the console had been delivered. If this console seems a little expensive, please be assured that you will receive that for which you paid and much more. This is an environmentally responsible great American company with which to do business and obviously takes great pride in the products it produces. I recommend the console and the company without any qualification.|Bill|Acworth, GA|Haven EX Media Console
  • I now have enjoyed my Haven unit for almost 2 months.  In that short period, I have found it to be superior to the BDI unit that I had used for over 3 years.  Aside from the fact that my Standout Designs Haven is a finely crafted piece of furniture, its sturdy, intelligent design optimally facilitates my electronics and the associated wiring. Consequently, I have re-arranged my equipment several times with great ease.

    Additionally, I cannot say enough about the outstanding customer service you have provided.  I have no idea how large your company is, but the service you have provided me (pre-purchase, defect resolution, and accessories orders) is on par with the type of customer service I once received from Zappos.  You and your company are stars among the multitudes of Internet retailers, and would easily outperform most brick-and-mortar retailers.

    While I hope my Haven unit lasts me forever, I will heartily recommend Standout Designs to my family and friends.|Robert|Orlando, FL|Haven EX Media Console
  • The TV stand is just about perfect in every way. My wife is extremely pleased with the workmanship, style, and appearance. I am pleased at how well it accommodates my center channel speaker. We look forward to enjoying this for many years to come.|Allen|Springfield, VA|Haven EX TV Stand
  • Recently I purchased the Haven EX 82-inch TV stand, which by the way calling it a TV stand is a insult to the fine piece of furniture. Indeed this media center really shows off the Sharp 80" LED TV which sits on it. I can not tell you the number of times we have had friend come over and tell us how beautiful the piece is. And its built to last a "life time". I was shocked on how every detail was looked after. The craftsmanship is really superior to anything else on the market and I know I had been searching for the right piece for 6 months. The one I purchased was the BLACK ON ASH and with my black tv surrounding (let me know if you want me to send a picture to you)it just disappears from view. Easy to move (my wife loves that)and with all the room in the world for all your electronics devices this one should be at the top of your list.|Steve|Morena Valley, CA|Haven EX Media Console
  • Excellent stand, extremely well built, this will last more than my lifetime. All of my components and cords fit well, with space to breath. Customer service was fantastic. Very happy I purchased this stand.|Tim|Flower Mound, TX|Haven EX Media Console
  • I ran out of space in my audio rack and my wife didn't want to buy a bigger one. She'd rather have a piece of furniture under the TV. So rather than argue I rolled with it. We looked at salamander and almost pulled the trigger on it, but then we found Standout Designs, which is located in my home state of Pennsylvania. My contact was Deb and she was very helpful. She sent samples and gave me a rundown on the 72" Haven in cherry (espresso color). I was a little hesitant not being able to see the unit in a store, but the pictures and the information that Deb gave me convinced me to go with Standout Designs. My wife liked the look of Standout Designs better than the other company and I let my wife pick the color. I liked that design the best and it had wheels, which sold me because my big argument on that type of furniture was that it would be hard to change wiring in the back. The wheels made it easy to pull out, do what I needed and push it back. I liked the smoked glass in the doors, which I hoped would allow the IR signal from all my remotes. I've had the unit now for a couple months and have no problem with the remotes working. The cable box remote needs to be aimed better now, but I do not need an IR repeater. The Haven is well built. I am an amateur woodworker and liked the build quality. I saw no discrepancies on my unit. The open unit in the center was more than adequate for my center channel speaker. One thing that I didn't fully understand until I got the unit was that all the back panels come off (no tools), which is great for accessing all your equipment and wiring. Below the center channel is a
    drawer, which you can store media or whatever you want, but I elected to put my monster power unit in there, which kept the annoying blue display out of sight. There is room between the end of the drawer and the removable back to allow the excess cord lengths to accordian when you close the drawer. The other nice feature is that there are at least 1 round opening (with rubber grommet) between each compartment for wire routing. A couple have 2 openings. The bottom of each compartment also has an opening to the floor for speaker wire, tv cable, fm antenna cable, power cords, etc. In my particular situation, I have a parasound amp, which can generate a lot of heat, so I elected to get the fan kit for each side just in case they were needed. The slotted wood on the back panel insert is removed (4 screws) and the fan assembly replaces the insert. The base side compartments and wood shelves have slotted openings to allow air flow for natural convection or fan assisted cooling. I was worried that this type of furniture might rattle or make noise when playing at the volume levels I like running at. I have so far heard no noise at all from the glass in the doors or any other part of the unit. I am so far very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this unit. In case anyone is interested, in the left side I was able to fit my pioneer TV tuner box, verizon cable tuner, Denon 3800 blu-ray player, HDMI switch and Xbox One. Three shelves with some equipment stacked - not much free space on that side. The right side compartment holds my Parasound A52 5 channel amp and NAD T763 receiver. The drawer holds the monster power center (2500). The monitor audio center channel is small and easily fits in the opening. The parasound amp is deeper than most and with the speaker cable routing further out the back, it necessitate keeping the back off that side until I can create a customized opening in it when I get time. Normal amps aren't as deep and should not need this treatment. I knew that going down this path. It didn't fit correctly in my audio rack either, but I love the sound.|Allyn|Pittsburgh, PA|Haven EX Media Console
  • Got the stand and I could not be happier. It's fits well with all my components and TV.|Mike|Los Angeles, CA|Haven EX Media Console
  • Having previously owned a Standout Designs Stand, I knew that the company and the product was "top notch." I was originally going to get the 72" version but opted for the larger. It holds my 80" TV very well. Lots of room for my Denon flagship receiver and other equipment. This thing is Beautiful, Functional, and Solid!|Chris|Coastal South, TX|Haven EX TV Stand
  • My family has been using and loving our Horizon TV stand for several years. We love everything about it.|Ken|Petaluma, CA|Horizon TV Stand
  • I was searching for a new TV/AV stand for my new 80’ Sony TV. It took me a while to find Standout Designs and their outstanding products. Their Web site is clean, simple and easy to navigate. Their on-line ordering process was straightforward. The BEST of all is their superb customer services (and their products of course). I had a couple questions on their products, and ran into some issues with the delivery company. The customer services team (Alan and Debra) went out of their way to proactively address and resolve them for me and kept me posted all the time. I really appreciate it and am very impressed.

    The product I ordered is awesome and arrives safely (their packing is great). The design is simple, clean, and totally functional (details, details). The product (wood) quality is top rated. The setup process is very easy and only took us less than 30 mins. My wife and I love it as it goes very well with our AV equipment and the theme in our room. The whole purchase experience and the product are 5 stars across the board.

    Better yet, all their products are “Made in USA”, which are so much more preferable and a priority in our shopping/purchases in general.|Arthur|Saratoga, CA|Haven EX Media Console