Customize Your Standout Console — Pilot Program

Customize your Standout ConsoleNeed some alterations to make a Standout media console better fit your needs? We are pleased to offer semi-custom Haven, Horizon, and Majestic consoles! Other companies charge at least 25% above MSRP to do customized pieces — if they do them at all. We charge much less.

The Options

1. Lower the Center Speaker Shelf. Need more headroom to fit your center speaker inside your console? This modification drops the speaker shelf to the maximum extent possible while still allowing for a functional media drawer(s). Resulting available height varies by model.  +$99

Style / Size Lowered Shelf Height
Haven EX 72"/82" 10.875"
Horizon EX 62"/72" 11.875"
Horizon EX 81" 11.125"
Majestic EX 70" 9.875"
Majestic EX 82" 9.125"

2. Downsize Console WidthWould a little less width make one of our consoles perfect for you? No problem. We can take some inches out of the middle section. +$199 to reduce by 2", 4", or 6" or +299 for custom reduction

3. Add Depth. Have extra deep gear? This modification adds 2" to the depth of your console, providing 22" or more inside depth in gear enclosures (varies by model) +$249

Style New Inside Depth
Haven EX 22.25"
Horizon EX 22"
Majestic EX 22.25"

The Process

Ready to get started? Here is the process:

  1. Answer our questionnaire using the button below.
  2. We review and confirm the details with you.
  3. You place your order.

About 6 weeks later (possibly sooner), we ship you your customized console! 

Modify Your Standout

If you have questions, give us a call at 877-325-9663, Option 2 (M-F, 9-5) or email us at custom @ This is new for us and we welcome your feedback. 

NOTE: Sales of custom consoles are final.