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COVID-19 Impact on Backorders and White Glove Availability — READ NOW
COVID-19 Impact on Backorders and White Glove Availability — READ NOW

About Us

Our Short Story

We are a family-owned furniture company in Pennsylvania, with roots in TV cabinetry three-generations deep. We've designed and produced outstanding solid wood media consoles since 2006. We hope to count you among our thousands of satisfied customers from all around the United States and Canada.

Our Longer Story

Joseph Adler, my Grandfather, left New York City in 1946 for rural Pennsylvania to make wood radio cabinets. He instead made cabinets for a new device called the television. His first customer was TV and broadcast pioneer Dumont Laboratories. Next came RCA. Joseph's company would eventually supply TV makers from A to Z: Admiral, Emerson, Fisher, Magnavox, Motorola, Olympic, Philips, Westinghouse and Zenith.

Stanley Adler, my Father, joined his father's business in 1960. He assumed the reigns when Joseph passed away in 1969. For decades, Stanley navigated the company through stiff competition, industry consolidation, and dramatic changes in TV cabinetry. Customers included General Electric and Sylvania and culminated with Sony and Toshiba.

I joined my Dad in the company in 2001. By then, out of the dozens of early competitors, only two TV cabinet makers remained in the USA: ours and a long-time competitor that had long ago been purchased by a large conglomerate.

In 2004, our company supplied the majority of the cabinets used by Sony in its American-assembled rear-projection TVs. That year we reached all-time highs in production. The very next year we closed the business. Most big screens made in 2005 no longer used wood cabinets and those that did would come from Mexico.

But our story does not end there.

With the encouragement of my Dad, I founded Standout Designs in 2006. While I no longer had our factory, I lived in Pennsylvania. While I had no sales force, I had the Internet. Importantly, I had the desire to carry on the family trade pioneered by my grandfather 60 years earlier and carried on by my father for decades.

I looked at what others were doing in the "TV stand" space and found that most TV stands were cheaply made and it showed. Many required customer assembly and a great many were imported.

I decided early on that my new company and our furniture products would be different. We would make outstanding TV stands reminiscent of the beautiful consoles made by my grandfather in those early decades. We would use top quality materials, engage top quality craftspeople and deliver top quality media furniture. We would include features that audiophiles would love. We would build them in America. We would make not a stand but a standout.

So that's our story! Thank you for visiting with us today. Please reach out if we can be of assistance.

Kind regards,

Alan Adler
Founder, Standout Designs

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