Whisper Vortex Fan Kit with Digital Thermal Controller

Product Overview

– Super-quiet, long-lasting 120mm fans
– Programmable thermal controller – set on/off temp
– 3-speed fan switch – choose to max airflow or quiet 
– Easily install in place of back panel vents

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  • Specifications


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    Majestic EX Media Consoles

    Norwalk Media Consoles

    Select prior Haven and Majestic Media Consoles

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    Fans and Controllers


    120 MM (2 fans per panel)

    Long-lasting Hyrdo Dynamic Ball Bearings

    17.7 dBA each (max)

    Approximately 60 CFM each (max)


    300,000 Lifetime L10 (hours/25°C)

    Digital Thermal Controller:

    24" thermal sensor probe

    LED display shows current temperature (can be turned off)Programmable on/off temperature

    "Temperature-controlled" and "Always On" modes

    Default start at 104 F, default stop at 86 F

    Fan Speed Controller:

    3-speed manual speed selection

    In the Box

    1 x Whisper Vortex Fan Panel

    1 x Digital Thermal Controller

    1 x Manual Fan Speed Controller

    1 x AC Adapter (2A)

    Owner's Guide will be delivered electronically


Customer Reviews

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Whisper Vortex Fan Kit with Digital Thermal Controller

I recommend the cooling fan kit that is made for these consoles. Though the console is well vented, you don't want your cabinet air space reaching above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a high powered amplifier for a long period of time, the airspace around the cabinet can reach high temperatures of 115+ degrees. Reaching this temperature is bad for components, wires and other delicate equipment in the same cabinet space. The Vortex fan brings in cool air from the bottom of the cabinet vents up through the vented shelves circulating air around the components and vents the warm air out the back of the cabinet. The temperature limits can be set manually. I have mine set to come on at 100 degrees and go off at 86 degrees. It is very quiet, easy to install and works beautifully. i have the digital temperature read out attached the underside of the bottom shelf facing the glass so I can watch the temperature display closely. It makes for a great conversation piece and it wows my friends.

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