Announcing our Military Discount Program!

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Welcome to our new web store, powered by the Shopify e-commerce platform. We hope that you enjoy your time shopping with us. Today's re-launch would not have been possible without the tremendous talents and efforts of Grant Eagon, Senior Developer at SineLabs. So THANK YOU Grant for making our every web store dream come true! Now take a few days off.

About this Blog

This blog is titled "The Cabinet Corner" after a column that appeared for decades in the (printed) employee newsletter of the company that gave rise to Standout Designs. For decades, Cabinet Industries, Inc. made high-quality TV cabinets for TV manufacturers (for you youngsters out there, TV's were once housed in cabinets). CI founder Joseph Adler established "The Cabinet Corner" and Stanley Adler continued it after taking the Cabinet helm. Perhaps we can persuade Stanley Adler to contribute a post here!

In addition to sharing many tales from CI's nearly 60 years of making TV cabinets from Dumont in the 1940's to Sony in the 2000's, we will use this blog to discuss all things Standout, AV, furniture, and just plain-old interesting (to us at least).

Kind regards,

Alan Adler, Founder
Standout Designs