Following on the great reception of our original Norwalk Solid Wood Media Console last month, we are pleased to announce that next month it will be joined by a beautiful 3-drawer edition. Read More

first look at Norwalk Media ConsoleHere are "raw" photos from our Norwalk media console photo shoot yesterday. The photo unit is Espresso on Cherry. We love it! Do you?

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Here's a sneak peek at our coming new design, the Norwalk Media Console!

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It's hard to deny that we have been noticeably absent from this blog of ours. It's because we have been hard at work enhancing all of our already-well-regarded TV stands for the holiday shopping season. First came the Haven EX, followed by Horizon EX. Now we are readying our third style, Majestic EX. Our "EX" solid wood TV stands are truly EXceptional. Our Pennsylvania craftsmen are building our most beautiful and capable media furniture yet. New finishes, new features. Can you tell we are EXcited?

Majestic EX goes into production next month. A small number of units will be available to ship before the year is out. Here are a few updates to the design:

Flush side edges
Mitered door and drawer frames
Soft-close hinges
Easy off/on back panels
Whisper EX Fan upgrade compatibility
Vented wood shelves that lock in place


UPDATE NOVEMBER 3, 2014: First Photo from the shop floor ...

Here is the upcoming Majestic EX in Rose on Cherry with Black Hardware.

As an American manufacturer of premium solid wood media consoles and TV stands, we aim to provide our customers with a great "out of the box" experience. As a consequence, our TV consoles are loaded with great AV features like wheels, removable back panels, big center shelfs, media storage, etc. But what about the box itself? Well, like the care we put into designing our high-end media furniture, we put plenty of care - for our planet - into our packaging!

Our first priority in packaging our TV furniture is making sure that we do everything possible to have it arrive to you in the same excellent shape in which it leaves the Pennsylvania factory. Our media consoles and other media furniture are packed extremely well. So well, in fact, that many testimonials that you see on our site and on Google actually call out how well the customer's TV console was packed. How does our over-the-top packaging help make our high-end American TV furniture green? Well, consider just the carbon footprint of the trucking involved when we need to reship a damaged unit: it is three to four times that of a successful shipment. Add your time and travel for the delivery/pickup appointments and it is even more. Thank goodness that rarely ever happens! The bottom line: We when pack your TV stand ultra well and the freight carrier does its job well, we all - including Mother Earth - win!

Our materials themselves are earth-friendly. Way back in 2006, when we first started making Standout high-end TV furniture, we packed our media consoles with EPS foam interiors. No more! Our wood media furniture is now packed almost entirely in recyclable corrugated materials fabricated by a nearby company. We use thin foam sheeting to protect the exterior wood faces from rubbing in transit, but the carton and the the box interiors are cardboard that can be recycled. Each piece of our TV furniture also travels on a wood pallet made by a company adjacent to our warehouse using reclaimed wood pallets. Those recycled pallets play a great role in your wood TV stand and other TV furniture making it to your home safe and sound.

So there you have it. In addition to packing a lot of value into our wood TV stands, media consoles, and other media furniture, we pack a lot of green into our packing!

We put a lot of thought into each detail of our solid wood media consoles. Because we proudly use American solid hardwood to build our TV furniture, you might be wondering why we opted for vented glass adjustable shelves over wood shelves. 

We have included glass shelves in our media consoles from the start. We recognized early on that fitting your gear was pretty important. By opting for glass, we provide more than an inch more room for gear compared to wood shelves (assuming 2 per side and 3/4" wood shelves). We also liked the aesthetic created by glass shelves. Wood shelves disrupted the clear lines and symmetry of our media cabinets. Glass shelves created all illusion of the components practically floating inside the console.

Media Console Vented Glass Shelf

Before too long we decided we wanted to offer vented adjustable shelves, but how? Our glass supplier said no, not possible, so we started making them in-house from wood despite the downsides noted above. We next tried Plexiglas. While they were a little thinner than the wood, they gave off an unattractive glow on their edges when light hit them just right.

So we returned to our glass supplier determined to make a vented shelf from glass. Rather than slots like our wood and Plexiglas shelves featured, we agreed to a circle in the center of the shelf. Easier said than done. It required the development of special tooling to reliably cut the 4.5" diameter hole. Any defects would compromise the integrity of the shelf. So, after being tempered – which makes the shelf not only safe (hence the term "Safety Glass") but very strong – the edges of the hole would have to be ground and polished the same way the outside edges were treated.

The end result: our beautiful, thin, strong, vented glass shelf.