Sneak Peek: The Majestic EX 82" Solid Wood Media Console is Also Coming (Very) Soon!

In our last post just two days ago, we shared a peek at our upcoming Horizon EX 81-inch wide solid wood media console. Today, we share a preview of our upcoming Majestic EX 82-inch wide solid wood media console. While we don't have photos yet, we do have very illustrative renderings and sketches.

New Majestic EX 82" Wide Solid Wood Media Console

Once gain the layout mirrors that of our biggest model (and current biggest seller), the Haven EX 82"media console. The overall height and depth are the same as our other Majestic, the EX 70" console. Width is 81.75" (rounded to 82" for naming).

Dimensions of the Majestic EX 82" Media Console / TV Stand for AV

The center channel shelf measures 39.25 wide x 8.3125 tall, making it perfect for excellent center speakers like the Paradigm Prestige 55C.

As with our other media consoles / AV cabinets, its two drawers feature dovetail joinery and movable/removable dividers for maximum media storage flexibility. 

New 82" Wide Majestic EX Media Console

And, of course, this new model has the long list of features that make a Standout a standout, like removable back panels, passive ventilation (temperature-controlled fans optional), hidden wheels, and lots of wire chases.

Available for pre-order on Monday, October 10. We will announce the availability of photo samples shortly as well.


Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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