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One thing that has set us apart — or made us Standout — since our founding in 2006 is our willingness to tweak our designs to fit the needs of specific customers. That is something our larger and often overseas-sourcing competitors do not and/or cannot do.

However, building a single special console comes at a cost. We need to make special parts and to provide special attention throughout the manufacturing process to that specific unit. Sometimes we need to purchase special packaging. Sometimes we need to program the CNC for just one part. Normally it demands the attention of one of our most skilled craftspeople. All of these things factor into the price of the custom piece, often putting a non-standard Standout out of reach of the customer.

We recently took a look back at the sorts of changes we have made over the years and saw some patterns. We then took a look at what we could do to make the most common requests easier for the shop and therefore more affordable to our customers. Out of this analysis comes our new Semi-Custom Console program that we are pleased to announce today!

You can order a Haven, Horizon, or Majestic console modified in any of these ways:

  1. Lower the speaker shelf. This allows you to fit a taller speaker than you can with our standard build. We drop it to the maximum extent possible while still maintaining the functionality of the media drawer or drawers below. The adjustment varies by model.
  2. Reduce the console width. This allows you to fit your console in the space you have available. The reduction comes out of the middle section in 2" increments. Custom reductions are possible but cost a little more.
  3. Add Depth. This adds 2" to the overall depth and inside depth of your console. Fit your extra deep gear without having to leave the back off!

 We have to enter the order on this end so we created a nifty survey to help us gather your requirements. You can find more information about this new program here:

Standout Semi-Custom Consoles

Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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