Our Smallest Horizon Media Console, Expanded

Our smallest Horizon media console put on a few inches over holidays! Join the club, right?

Why the changes? Well, a funny thing happened after we began our "semi-custom" program last year: We found a number of customers loved the Horizon EX 62" model but needed a little more space in the middle to fit their preferred center speaker.

So, we've decided to replace the Horizon EX 62" media console with a 64" model. That way, customers can fit awesome center speakers on its 20"-wide speaker shelf, like the Paradigm Prestige 45c and Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250C. The roomier shelf also handles standard-width gear better.

The Horizon EX 64" console is available now in Speaker Shelf + Drawer and 2-Drawer editions. Same great features of the corresponding former models, like hidden wheels, removable backs, vented shelves, and dovetail media drawers, with 2 more inches in the center. And the same price!


We've photographed the Espresso so far and will photograph the others in February 2018. Photo Samples will be available soon after.


Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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