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the start of a new design

Late last year, I set out on a quest ...

Late last year, I set out on a quest to create a new media console dedicated to my Dad, who passed away last August. For lots of reasons and on many levels, it had to stand out from everything we had built over the last 14 years. Today I am sharing information about it publicly for the first time.

The Sketch that Started It All

The hardest part for me about designing any console is the base. To a great extent, the basic shape of the remainder of the console is largely constrained by the overarching goal of efficiently and effectively housing cuboids (my favorite new word) of various sizes. The base, however, is where creative freedom reigns. Well, except when you want to conceal casters. Then there are considerably more constraints.

After sketching a number of ideas between Christmas and New Year's, I drew this:

Hand sketch of the upcoming new media console style by Standout Designs

The base gives a nice lift to the console body, making it feel lighter than probably any other piece of this size. The "outside of the box" angular aspect adds to the aesthetic. The beefy cross rail eliminates the need for middle support. And, yes, we can embed casters.

The Design Comes into Focus

After some back and forth with the pros at the shop, here is our finished design of the "4-door" model, Standout's widest console yet at over 85" wide. Our tallest too at 29" tall. How else does this design "stand out"? The luxurious top panel. It might be a little hard to appreciate from just the line drawing, but this design features a thick one inch top made from 5/4 solid lumber. We also went with a broader door frame that still provides the same "glass" space as our Havens.

The Newest Standout Design!

Every Bit A Standout

For a media console to be a standout, it must have fantastic AV features, right? The new style features roomy gear enclosures, numerous wire chase holes (actually the most of any), removable vented back panels, vented bottom panel, multiple vented adjustable shelves per enclosure, concealed casters, and IR-friendly door glass. You can also choose wood door panels, fabric door grills, or perforated metal door panels. Temperature-controlled exhaust fans are optional.

Launching the New Style

This is the most ambitious product launch in our 14-year history. We plan to launch with four models in 6 "standard" wood/finishes and 2 special wood/finishes. Models include the 4-door above, a 3-door like it, and two "center speaker shelf" models with gear space under the shelves, offer the most gear storage of any design to date.

Given the sheer number of individual SKUs, we are going to use our take on the "Kickstarter" model. More info to come on that shortly. For now, I can share that there will be a number of pre-order phases with some compelling pricing for "early adopters" and photo sample pre-orders.

Stay tuned ...

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Alan from Standout - March 9, 2020

Stephan Rountree: You better since you are charged with making it a reality.

Charlie Barckow: We will offer this with the perforated metal inserts. Glad they are working so well for you. We can’t wait to get photos of this design with metal inserts installed.

Noel: Thanks for your kind words. We have high hopes for the new design. I don’t know, you just bought your second Standout console, so a third might be a little much to expect. I guess we will have to wait until you see photos of the new design! :-)

William Pegues: Thanks for your comment. Have we finally struck upon the perfect console for you? A few photo samples are in the works. Those are always a great deal. Could one be yours?

Shawn Barreiro: We really appreciate your interest. We have your email since you’ve been in touch directly and requested samples. We have a 4-day photo sample almost done. I will send you some photos when I get them.

Shawn Barreiro - March 8, 2020

I’m very interested in seeing a picture of finished product, especially the 4 door model. I would also like to hear about early pricing. Thank you.

WIlliam Pegues - March 8, 2020

Looks Modern and very Upscale, can’t wait to see the actual final product

Noel - March 8, 2020

Sorry to hear about your Dad, Alan. This cabinet sounds amazing and a real honor in memory of him. I look forward to hearing more about it.

Charlie Barckow - March 8, 2020

Looks good. The only thing I would change would be the glass door inserts. I would use the new door inserts. My fans have not come on since I switch them out. Just add the cost to the cabinet. Hope this helps,

Stephan Rountree - March 8, 2020

I love it!!

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