Introducing 2 New Haven Models

The Haven EX 72" Solid Wood Media Console and Haven EX 82" Solid Wood Media Console have been hugely popular since we first introduced them back in 2011. The 82" model was our first to accommodate extra wide speakers like the Paradigm Studio CC-690, Signature C5, and Prestige 55c and the Klipsch RC-64. The 72" immediately challenged our Horizon EX 72" Solid Wood Media Console in the size category.

After we introduced our Semi-Custom program last March where customers could resize the widths of their consoles, one thing became clear: there is was a big demand for a smaller Haven. So this month, we make it official! We are pleased to announce the Haven EX 64" media console, available with a speaker shelf and drawer or with two media drawers.

Here are the first photos from our November photo shoot. Doesn't the Paradigm Prestige 45c look great? We appreciate Paradigm Speakers making it available to us for the shoot.

The units shown here are being offered insanely discounted. Photo samples are the best deals on Standout Designs media consoles. Grab a Haven EX 64" photo sample before they are gone.


Here are the two-drawer editions. Note: we do not have photo samples of these.

Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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