Origins of the Haven 62" Wood TV Console

Of all of our Standout wood TV consoles, the Haven 62" TV console prompts some of the most enthusiastic comments from our customers. It really fits the needs - and the space - of many people. In this post, we share a little about how it came into being. 

A TV Stand is Not a Microwave Cart

this is a microwave cart, not a tv stand Many people assume that we designed the Haven 72" first since it is similar in configuration to our Horizon N702 XL and Majestic e7022 media consoles. In fact, we began the Haven Collection with the Haven 62". We wanted to build something taller and narrower than our Horizons or Majestics yet still fit a hugely awesome huge center speaker.

We noticed - as you might have too - that a great many of the smaller TV consoles on the market lacked any real imagination. Put two equipment enclosures side-by-side, add an open shelf above and call it a day. To us, these TV stands looked very much like microwave carts.

First, A Nod to the Majestic e5030

Majestic e5030 solid wood media consoleThis was not the first time that we designed a console with dimensions like those of the Haven 62" TV console. You see, our distain for the "microwave approach" actually dates back to 2008, while we were designing the Majestic Collection.

The result was the Majestic e5030. It used some nifty flipper door hardware on the big doors to allow for easy, ding-free, opening and closing. As for look, well  people either loved it or hated it. Unfortunately, not enough people loved it and we stopped building it after about a year.

Designing the Haven 62" TV Console

The Haven concept really lent itself to our design "smaller cabinet with big capacity" objective. It allowed us to break from the strict symmetry that governed our other designs because the face frame, to paraphrase The Dude from The Big Lebowski, really tied the cabinet together.

What the Haven 62" wood media console design lacks in symmetry, it gains in visual balance. And it holds lots of AV gear, stores lots of media, and fits awesome centers like the Studio Paradigm CC-690 shown. Best of all, customers really love it!

Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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Barbara Gersh
Barbara Gersh

December 14, 2014

We are looking for the 62 or 65 inch cabinet with a center cabinet.we cannot find it on the site.

Please let us know where we can see it.

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