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Special Limited Edition HAVENGERs Media Console Announced

Standout Designs has long been known on the web as THE source for marvelous solid wood TV consoles made in the USA. Our Haven TV consoles in particular have garnered a reputation for their many great - almost superhuman - strengths. Today, we are pleased to announce - in collaboration with Marvel Comics - our most marvelous AV console yet: the Special Limited Edition HAVENgers solid wood media TV console.

This marvel of an AV cabinet will be formally introduced at Comic Con in Philadelphia on May 30, 2013 by none other than actor Jim Parsons, of The Big Bang Theory fame. Clearly channelling his beloved character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Mr. Parsons briefly commented on this impressive assemblage of AV features thusly: "Comic books have fans, so why shouldn't intelligently designed, beautiful, high-end solid wood media consoles made in the USA? Like comic books, these fans are silent. And that's only the beginning."

To learn more of Mr. Parsons' thoughts on the HAVENgers Limited Special Edition 72" TV console, you will have to wait until he delivers his Comic Con address entitled "BAZINGA! It's Nothing But Wood." Those without a doctorate in a meaningful scientific discipline can evaluate and purchase the regular Haven 72" media console today at the Standout Designs web store. "It is also quite impressive."


Happy April 1st!

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Lola - November 9, 2017

LOL at calling these wooden things ‘beautiful’. They’re great for obsessive fans, but hardly beautiful. The yardstick is genuine antiques, or simple Scandinavian furniture. This example however looks like someone vomited all over it. I think it’s an American thing: what passes for taste there can leave others gobsmacked!

Standout Designs - April 1, 2013

Hi, Lauralee. That depends – is it funny?

Lauralee Spatzer - April 1, 2013
Is this an April’s Fools joke.

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