Standout Options Remain for Last Minute Shoppers

Thanksgiving is over. Hanukkah is in process. Christmas is two weeks away. The Holiday Season is upon us, at last. At Standout, we've been talking about the arrival of the holidays since October 1. Why? It has nothing to do with the ever growing "Black Friday" hype and everything to do with delivering great furniture to as many customers as possible before the year is out.

Since this time last year, we have redesigned one style, added two new styles, and expanded the number of models across styles from 5 to 16. Plus, for the most part, we make them in 5 or 6 woods and finishes. So building the right mix of consoles in the right mix of colors and configurations is downright impossible.

Our answer: October 1 we began telling customers to order now and we'd guarantee delivery plus the lowest price through the end of 2015. We ever resorted to this guy on Facebook:

The sooner you order your Standout, the happier you will be

A good many customers heeded our words. Their Standout solid wood media consoles are now in their homes awaiting family and friends for the holidays.

As of this writing, we still have a number of models ready to ship. These include a few Havens, a smattering of Horizons (including our new smaller Horizon), a single Majestic, and a nice selection of beautiful Norwalks (including some fantastic photo samples). All reflect great holiday savings. 

The building continues as we look ahead to Second Christmas for our business (aka the Super Bowl). Anything ordered but not in stock will shoot to the top of our list. Our goal is to ship December backorders in January.

Happy Holidays from Standout Designs!

Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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