And The Top 5 Standout Woods and Finishes are ...

August 19, 2015

We talk, chat, and/or email with a great many of our customers. One of the most common questions: "What is the most popular finish?" Here's our answer, in order of popularity.

#1: Espresso

solid wood media console in espresso on CherryEspresso has been our number one or number two finish ever since 2006, when we first began building our American-made solid wood media consoles. Most recently, it has consistently been number one across all of our media console styles. 

We apply our Espresso stain to Pennsylvania Cherry wood. A deep brown finish with red undertones, this finish delivers warmth and richness while allowing the beautiful underlying grain to shine through.

#2: Black

solid wood media console in black on ashBlack has surged in popularity this year. Could it be our new and improved black finish introduced in the fall of 2014? We think it is our best-looking Black finish ever, so perhaps our customers agree.

We apply Black to Ash, resulting in a great match with black speakers!

#3: Natural Walnut

solid wood media console in natural walnutConsistent with the current trend toward darker finishes, Natural Walnut comes in at a solid number three. However, we can't take credit for the beauty of this one. All of those beautiful varying tones, from browns, grays, and purples to cream, are the handiwork of Mother Nature.

Our Walnut is hand-selected for use in our media consoles. We simply apply a clear sealer and topcoat. What you see is from the tree!

#4: Rose

solid wood media console in Rose on CherryIn fourth place is Rose. We apply this stain to Cherry wood and it looks looks fantastic with Paradigm's Rosenut. And it should: we designed it to do so!

Rose is a color similar to what is sometimes described as "Cherry finish" or "Dark Cherry." In our case, this rich rose stain is applied to actual Cherry wood! As with our other Cherry stains, the grain shines through.

#5: Sunrise

solid wood media console in sunrise on CherrySunrise is actually more of a tint than a stain. You might even call this option Natural Cherry. Sunrise stain serves to even out some of the natural variations in color that can be more pronounced in young Cherry.

Like Natural Cherry, our Sunrise Cherry pieces darken considerably over time. The initial yellow cast can be misleading, as red tones emerge with exposure to sunlight and air.

While number five overall, Sunrise tops the chart when it comes to our Majestic EX solid wood media console. 

Black + Walnut

two-tone solid wood media consoleHow hard can it be to make our Top 5 when we have five wood/finish options, right? Well, there IS another option, introduced just this Spring: Black on Ash case with Natural Walnut door frames and drawer fronts. 

Natural Walnut really dresses things up and creates a magnificent contrast in color and texture. We are pleased with its reception, as we think it is a really sharp look. 

What's your opinion? Feel free to share your preferred wood/finish in the comments below.

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