2016 Standout Media Console Year in Review

Wow, once again, time has flown by and it has been way too long since we blogged. In our defense, we spend lots of time speaking, chatting and emailing with customers! While we can’t go back in time, we can look back in time and answer a popular question at the same time: what do people buy? (Warning: your preferences may vary!)

Top Media Consoles by Standout Designs

Our Haven EX line comes out on top, accounting for nearly half of all Standout wood media console sales. The 82-inch wide variations were the most popular media consoles of the year, with most of these being the version with an ultra-wide center channel speaker shelf and two media storage drawers. Plenty of audiophiles with tremendous center speakers, like the Paradigm CC-690 shown in our photos, found this Standout solid wood media console to be a quality home for their quality center speakers. That said, we did sell more 4-drawer versions last year than the year before, to the delight of customers looking to stylishly store away DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CDs. Sales of our 72-inch wide Haven solid wood media consoles were also strong, accounting for about 20% of overall sales. Like with the 82-inch Haven, the 72-inch model with the center speaker shelf with storage below made up the vast majority.

Placing 2nd: our Horizon EX solid wood media consoles. The 72-inch wide media console with speaker shelf far out-paced the 62-inch wide versions, probably due to its ability to house a good size center channel speaker, like the Paradigm CC-590 (shown in our photos), Klipsch RC-62 II, or Klipsch Premiere RP-250C, and accommodate flat screen TVs anywhere from 42-inch to 80-inch diagonal. The all-drawer version of the 62-inch was the more popular Horizon in that size, perhaps because buyers either did not have a center channel speaker or put the center speaker or soundbar on top of the media console or on the wall. The Horizon EX 81-inch faired pretty well considering that we only introduced it late last fall. We expect this new ultra-wide to be a big hit with audiophiles in 2017, as it nicely hosts great center speakers like the new Paradigm Prestige 55c (shown in our photos) as well as flat screen TVs up to 90” wide.

Our Majestic EX media consoles came in a not-too-distant third thanks to a surge in popularity late in the year. For a while, we only offered the Majestic EX solid wood media console in a 70-inch wide version. However, late in the fall we introduced our ultra-wide 82-inch version. The photo samples of this wide-and-low media console sold more quickly than any others in recent history. Like the newest Horizon, the 82-inch wide Majestic EX media console houses a wide center channel like the Paradigm Prestige 55c and up to a 90-inch flat screen TV. Frankly, we thought the Horizon 81-inch would give the Haven 82-inch more competition than Majestic 82-inch because the Horizon line has historically been more popular. Then again, with TVs getting larger, this low and wide console may just be what the audiophile orders.

An honorable mention goes to our Norwalk solid wood media consoles. Because the Norwalk has neither hidden wheels nor a large center speaker shelf, it speaks to a different audience than our core audiophile audience. But we still love it, as do the smaller percentage of Standout media console purchasers who opt for it.

The Top 5 Standout Media Consoles in 2016

In terms of sales of Standout solid wood media consoles across all styles, here are the Top 5:

  1. Haven EX 82-inch American Solid Wood Media Console / TV Stand / AV Cabinet (Center Speaker Shelf + Drawers)
  2. Horizon EX 72-inch American Solid Wood Media Console / TV Stand / AV Cabinet (Center Speaker Shelf + Drawer)
  3. Haven EX 72-inch American Solid Wood Media Console / TV Stand / AV Cabinet (Center Speaker Shelf + Drawer)
  4. Majestic EX 70-inch American Solid Wood Media Console / TV Stand / AV Cabinet (Speaker Drawer / Shelf + Media Drawer)
  5. Horizon EX 72-inch American Solid Wood Media Console / TV Stand / AV Cabinet (2 Drawers)

Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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