Happy Earth Day 2015!

We wish you a Happy Earth Day,
We wish you a Happy Earth Day,
We wish you a Happy Earth Day,
And an Earth-Friendly Console!

Wrong season? Actually, we sing this song all year long!

Sustainable Solid Wood. We build Standout Designs media consoles using local solid lumber that has been sustainably-logged from nearby Appalachian forests. What does this mean? The logging companies plant more than one tree for each tree harvested and the harvesting is done with consideration to the habitat needs of local wild life.

Recyclable Packaging. We pack and protect Standout Designs media consoles mainly in corrugated or honeycomb paperboard. These materials can all be easily recycled. So they do the job from our place to yours without having to then spend eternity in a landfill. Plus, according to several happy customers with small children, our large cartons make great indoor forts!

Recycled Pallets. We ship Standout Designs media consoles on sturdy wood pallets to safely transport our furniture to you in North America. Our pallet vendor makes them using lumber from discarded pallets rather than fresh lumber. Plus, we optimize the pallet size to reduce material needs and shipping weight.

Domestic (American) Production. We build Standout Designs media consoles in the USA. This helps Mother Earth in several ways. Breathe - and drink - easy: our furniture is made in compliance with tough environmental laws. Not so in many Asian factories that spew toxins into the air and water. And, the longest trip our furniture makes is to its new home - your home. By making our furniture in Pennsylvania using local resources, it does not travel thousands of miles on the high seas.

Our customers love that our furniture is made in America, by American craftspeople, using American lumber. We are proud that how we do it makes a world of difference.


Alan Adler
Alan Adler


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