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Sneak Peek At Majestic EX Solid Wood TV Stand

It's hard to deny that we have been noticeably absent from this blog of ours. It's because we have been hard at work enhancing all of our already-well-regarded TV stands for the holiday shopping season. First came the Haven EX, followed by Horizon EX. Now we are readying our third style, Majestic EX. Our "EX" solid wood TV stands are truly EXceptional. Our Pennsylvania craftsmen are building our most beautiful and capable media furniture yet. New finishes, new features. Can you tell we are EXcited?

Majestic EX goes into production next month. A small number of units will be available to ship before the year is out. Here are a few updates to the design:

Flush side edges
Mitered door and drawer frames
Soft-close hinges
Easy off/on back panels
Whisper EX Fan upgrade compatibility
Vented wood shelves that lock in place


UPDATE NOVEMBER 3, 2014: First Photo from the shop floor ...

Here is the upcoming Majestic EX in Rose on Cherry with Black Hardware.

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